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What are our adoption fees?

Starting at $1200, with a $200 deposit. 

Where can we be found?

Contact us for directions to our farm. 

What is their temperament?

We have carefully chosen our breeds, for a family loving pet. The Cockapoo makes an excellent companion pet – they also do very well in homes with children, cats, and other dogs. The Cockapoo is a very adaptable dog breed – they can adjust to their owner’s lifestyle when it comes to living space and exercise habits. Aussiedoodles are great for active families with children and other pets, apartment dwellers, and those looking for a low-shedding dog.  You will find aussiedoodles to be loyal, intelligent, gentle, affectionate, and playful.  We love both breeds!

What are our delivery options?

The first option would be to pick up your puppy from the farm. Ground delivery is offered for certain areas of the United States, which will have an added fee of $250. Flying a puppy is another option as well. This option can be pricey, as it generally costs $400 but is sometimes the best option for the least amount of travel time for the pup. 

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